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the world IS on a sustainable trajectory

We are on the eve of a growing structural trend of climate solutions that will last for years and even decades. All the pieces of the puzzle come together: public awareness, massive support from governments, acceleration of technological innovation, and lower costs of renewable energies.

  • The fund’s focus is placed on 7 climate clusters, which combine the most impactful climate solutions; spread across the entire value chain.
  • The fund takes advantage of a secular growth trend in emerging markets, as well as developed markets;
  • No theme benefits from such an assured flow of investments in the years to come than that of climate solutions
  • Active management of the fund based on strong convictions, independent of benchmark indices• The fund aims for a “win-win” situation: achieving financial returns and meeting the climate challenge with concrete solutions.

A fast-growing thematic for the next decades

In recent years, climate stocks have significantly outperformed the global stock index. Econopolis expects this trend to continue in the years to come.

An undeniable INVESTMENT opportunity

Even though climate initiatives are multiplying, the work ahead is titanic

WHICH ARE THE concrete solutions for the climate?

Inspired by Drawdown

The Econopolis Climate Fund promotes low carbon investing. It will invest in companies actively working on solutions, products, and services to combat climate change. To this end, we are guided by Professor Paul Hawken’s Drawdown book, which presents the 100 solutions that have the most impact in the fight against global warming.

The term “Drawdown” refers to the point in the future when greenhouse gases will stop increasing in the atmosphere and begin to decrease steadily. It is at this stage that we begin the process to avoid a worsening of climatic upheavals. This is a crucial turning point for life on Earth. 

The solutions from the book ‘Drawdown’ by Prof. Paul Hawken serve as a model for the selection process in the Econopolis Climate Fund.
Econopolis economic encountered, on 25 november 2019 with
Prof. Paul Hawken, author of the book  ‘Drawdown’

In line with the Climate Econoshock

The climate shock is one of the main themes of the Econoshock book published in 2008 by Geert Noels, renowned economist, author and founder of Econopolis.  His work is advancing a pioneer vision for a sustainable new economy.

Moving forward to reverse global warming 

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shaping the future of our green economy