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Complaints handling procedure


As a regulated company, Econopolis Switzerland SA (hereinafter referred to as “Econopolis”) is responsible for dealing with persons who may have complaints regarding its services. 

This Policy sets out the way Econopolis ensures that complaints received are properly handled.

Filing a complaint

Anyone may submit a complaint about Econopolis’ services to the Compliance Officer. 

This may be done by sending an e-mail to the address:


Or by writing to the Compliance Officer:

Econopolis Switzerland SA
Quai des Forces Motrices 14
1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Econopolis clients may also direct their complaint to their relationship manager, who in turn will direct the complaint to the Compliance Officer.

Once the complaint reaches the Compliance Officer, its receipt will be confirmed within 5 days.

Information to be provided in the complaint

The complaint must contain the following information so that it can be handled correctly:

  • Full name
  • The fact that it is a formal complaint
  • The reason for complaint
  • The relationship of the person with Econopolis

Treatment of the complaint

The Compliance Officer will investigate the complaint and, if necessary, contact the person with the complaint.

Econopolis aims to provide, within 30 days, a substantive answer to the complaint and, whenever possible, a solution.

Not pleased?

In case the person with a complaint believes that the complaint has not been handled correctly, he or she can still go to various ombudspersons.

For the activities of asset management, investment advice, wealth coaching, order transmission and insurance brokerage:

Finsom: the ombudsman of the financial sector:

Avenue de la gare 45, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland

Ombudspersons are subject to a principle of subsidiarity. This means that the person with a complaint should first approach Econopolis before contacting the ombudsman.

Additional information

For additional information regarding the handling of complaints, you can always contact your relationship manager (if applicable), or the Compliance Officer.